Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Why I use FBtoWebsite?

You can use FbtoWebsite for creating your own professional website without having any programming skills. Just provide your Facebook Page and get your stunning website.

What I need to create a Website?

You just need your Facebook page address.

Why do I need a Website?

If you have only your Facebook page to attract your customers and visitors. We provide you a platform to interact whole lot of new visitors who are searching for your website through Google, Bing or even on Yahoo.

Do I need any programming skills to update and maintain my website created using FbtoWebsite?

No, you just have to post new updates on your Facebook Page.

How FbtoWebsite help me to grow my business?

A website itself enhance authenticity of business in the view of customers and visitors. While using FbtoWebsite you don't need to maintain a separate website because your website gets update every time when you post something new on your Facebook Page.

What benefits FbtoWebsite provide?

As you are updating your online presence through Facebook page and you are using on daily basis to interact with your customers. FbtoWebsite don't need to be maintain separately you just need to update Facebook Page as you do.

How I use FbtoWebsite?

How I update my website?

As you already integrate your Facebook page with FbtoWebsite. Now you just need to post photos, videos, events, cover phots to your Facebook page. Your website will automatically and instantly get update.

Can I update top slider on my website?

Yes, just update the cover photo of your Facebook page. Your slider will instantly update.

Can I create a new category for gallery?

Yes, its just work like a Facebook page when you create a new album and post photos on that album. We will create a new gallery for you on your website.

Can I create a new events on my website?

Yes, you can by create a new event on your Facebook page.

How I update a new video on my website?

You have to post a new video on your Facebook page.

How I update a new photo on my website?

You have to post a new photo on your Facebook page.

My address and contact details are missing?

You have to provide your full address and contact detail on your Facebook page.

How I update my organization detail?

When you update your Facebook page information your organization detail will get update.

What if someone contact me through contact us form?

You will recieve an email on your Facebook's account email address.

Can I use my own domain / website address without subdomain of FbtoWebsite?

Yes, absolutely you can but its not a free service. Contact us at

How I use different website template design for my website?

Yes, you can other template design rather than from our default stunning templates. You can use any template of your choice but its not a free service. Contact us at

If you haven't found the answers you're looking for in this section, please do not pause to contact at or Ping us on our Facebook page.